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The Airstream cordless stick vacuum is a lightweight vacuum that makes all those quick cleaning task easier than ever. With the wand attached it easily reaches into all the corners of your home, high and low. The motor head is designed to clean rugs and carpeting. The motor head can be turned off for bare floor cleaning to extend your battery run time. This Airstream feature is especially beneficial for homes that have mainly hard floor surfaces. Remove the wand and now you have a hand vacuum, perfect for cleaning furniture and upholstery.  To recharge the battery, it can simply be removed from the vacuum and plugged in where ever is most convenient. And you can swap out a dead battery for an additional battery (must be purchased separately) to extend the run time for bigger tasks.

AIRSTREAM Cordless Stick Vacuum

    • Trigger lock for continuous cleaning.
    • Lightweight.
    • Battery charge indicator.
    • Easy to remove battery to charge anywhere.
    • Rug/floor nozzle has 180 degree swivel.
    • LED headlight on nozzle.
    • Self standing.
    • Cyclonic dirt separation.
    • Easy empty dirt cup.
    • Maximum run time is 25 minutes per battery.
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