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If carpet and hard surface floors are not cleaned regularly, dust, pollen and other allergens circulate in the air. Also, dirt and soil trapped in the carpet will act like sandpaper, wearing away and diminishing the attractiveness of the carpet. Vacuuming carpet and upholstery every week can help reduce indoor air pollution as well as protect your carpet and hard surface floors. Trust the quality and durability of the Lux Commercial Vacuum by Aerus to clean away harmful contaminants. Aerus, the first name in quality home care products, also offers the first choice in professional floor care equipment, the Lux Commercial Upright. The Lux Commercial vacuum tackles the toughest cleaning jobs. Lightweight and easy to use, its heavyduty construction provides faster and better cleaning, with much less effort.

AERUS Commercial Upright Vacuum

    • A true HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, is available to provide cleaner air while you clean
    • Powerful 2-motor system can handle carpet and bare floors with equal efficiency
    • Reinforced power nozzle, bag housing and handle provide added durability and an extra-long life; bag cover hinge features a third rivet to prevent breakage and the cover is attached with four screws for added durability
    • Redefined vents for greater airflow reduce motor temperature and add to the life of the motor
    • 35-foot, 3 wire grounded, commercial-duty cord features greater flexibility and high visibility
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