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You're here because keeping a healthy home matters to you.

While your friends and neighbors extol the virtues of their trendy bagless vacuums or robot vacuums, you're here at Riccar for good reason. You want better, healthier options, and Riccar vacuums fit the bill. You probably have one or more of these needs:

  • Control the triggers of asthma and allergy attacks

  • Find the best vacuum for cleaning up after your pet, including HEPA filtration and HEPA bags for trapping pet dander and powerful suction and tools for removing pet hair

  • Get the highest level of charcoal filtration not just for odor removal, but also for healthier indoor air

  • Find a vacuum that's a partner in cleaning, and not one you have to replace every few years


Riccar is driven to help you keep a healthier home. We continually focus on challenges like how to deep clean carpet and keep allergens from escaping into indoor air. Here are some of the ways Riccar's premier vacuums are the perfect answer for a clean, healthy home.

Superior Filtration and Odor Control

HEPA media filtration and charcoal filters are only part of the story for Riccar. Our engineers were careful to design filter placement where it's most effective. That means charcoal filters are located inside the bag compartment where odors can build up, and HEPA media filters are mounted outside the vacuum where air exhausts into the air you breathe. No less important is the sealed design of the Prima canisters. Tandem Air uprights and R25P models. When filtering every particle of dust and dander through high quality HEPA media is critical, rely on Riccar vacuums that are 100% sealed.

Beyond particle filtration, it's also important to use charcoal filter to reduce the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Environmental Protection Agency recommends reducing the concentration of VOCs to improve indoor air quality. (Read more about why charcoal matters here.) Riccar premium and pet vacuums include granulated or foam charcoal to adsorb odors and chemicals. If you own pets, this is a must-have.

How It Works

Most vacuums have either a clean air motor or a direct air motor. Each motor and type of technology has its strengths.

Clean air technology sucks the air through the filter, bringing dirt along with it. It’s great for advance filtration and for cleaning with attachments.

Direct air technology agitates carpet fibers, releasing dirt particles. It’s well-suited for carpet cleaning.

Tandem Air vacuums have both types of technology that work together – in tandem – to pull up deep-down dirt and lift it up and into the bag where it’s trapped in multiple layers of HEPA media filtration. And you won’t suffer tool suction for this advanced level of cleaning. The result is a level of clean you’ve never seen.

"Your home is an investment, and your oasis. That's why Riccar vacuums aren't just designed for your refined aesthetic - they're made in pursuit of perfection, a machine for world-class clean."

"Shop now, or discover why Riccar vacuums are the perfect answer for a clean, healthy home."

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